Are You A Victim to Your Circumstances?

businessowner construction entrepreneurship leadership newoffice project Feb 07, 2022

First day in my new office! View and access to the outdoor were my priority.

Ready to continue working on my thesis!
Presenting at end of March!
P.h.d in leadership.

Credit to my amazing husband Steve Hunt who took on the project of remodeling in his spare time since no construction company was available.

What are you doing to continue living your dreams? What happens when things don’t line up for you? Do you play the victim or do you empower yourself like Steve and find a solution?

You are never a victim of your circumstances. This is what I see the most in entrepreneurship, things don’t go as planned… and business owners give up after a few tries.

Leaders have plans A, B, C, D, E and will go down the entire alphabet to find a way!