Don't make these THREE MISTAKES while Networking

Jun 06, 2022

Don't make these THREE MISTAKES while Networking at #rsac2022. Wasting time and money is easy in such a big event with so many people and distractions. So show up to make the most of the conference. This applies not just to RSA, but to any conference or networking event.

While attending networking events and conferences for the last 30 years, I've discovered most people wander around aimlessly, like they are squatting in an inner-tube floating down a lazy river, letting the conference -- and life -- happen to them. How these people show up at a conference is how they show up in every corner of their life: aimless, casual, creating mediocre results.

That was me years ago. I just wandered from aisle to aisle seeing who would pop out and say Hi. As a result I had fun, but failed to create lasting value for anyone else.

You can decide to attend any networking event with an approach of openness, energy, and excitement about connecting with others. If you do, you'll make a difference in the lives of others, and your life will be enriched, too.