By Katia Rave


How the rules of Tango will make your business work

Here is a blurb : Dancing Argentine tango is similar to running a business!

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As a passionate tanguera (a woman dancing Argentinian tango), I was reflecting on how much dancing tango is so similar to running a business.

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We can plan for what is coming next and try to be ready, but you never know.

Ultimately, we improvise.

We listen to our partners the same way we listen to our clients: with their benefit and enjoyment in mind.

When I dance I give 100% to my partner. I listen to him or her, I am in tune with the flow of the floor.

Same in my business. I am tuned in with the flow of the day, the flow of my surroundings.

And the most important Encuentros (traditional argentine tango gatherings) we follow rules, the codigos. It’s the same in our businesses. We need to have ethics and follow our authentic selves.

I look at dancing tango as I look at business. Respect. Grounded.

I am out there on the floor smiling, I am being seen! I am there present and in the moment.

This is the way we should always be in business: fully present, and in the moment.

What would it look like for you to be fully present in your business?

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Successful and Unhappy

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