Our programs were tailored to your needs. Whether you want support for your business or need a sales intensive ( mastering enrollment) or want to elevate your leadership for your career and get the promotion that has been passing you by, we have studied clients and made sure that our programs support you.

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Programs We Offer

Entrepreneur Academy Mastermind

Accelerate your journey to entrepreneurship, make more money, and get high-ticket clients with Katia’s business-changing academy mastermind 12-month journey.

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Mastering Enrollment

A four-month sales intensive for executives and entrepreneurs. Learn to master the art of selling products and ideas in a non-salesy way for huge results.

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Leadership is so much more than telling people what to do. It is creating possibilities and evoking people around us to do the right thing by bringing their vision of the future into the present. Leadership comes from the authentic person we unveil in this training.

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Fast track- Infinite Leads- Powerful profit

Infinite Leads, Powerful Profit is a jumpstart to business. It is your crash course in 8 weeks to create the perfect packages and your offers for your ideal clients.
If you are ready to start your business this is a perfect way to get you well on the way! 8 weeks to Infinite Leads and Powerful Profit in your business.

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Author Pit Stop

Create your legacy, and write your book in 90 days. Author Pit Stop is a book camp, crash course that supports you over 90 days to creating the book you have always wanted to write and keep putting off.
If you are finally ready to put your words down on paper and leave a legacy, this is a perfect way to get you there.
90 days to get your book to be ready to send to publishing. Ready to go?

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Here is the blurb for money course: This isn't your average money regular digital course. Why is it different?
The way I created it for you is this is a completely transformational experience.
In this course I am bringing you leadership, money, and planning together!
60 DAYS TO MONEY ABUNDANCE: How to STOP Money Limitations and Break Old Money Mindsets
Lets break Old Money Mindsets and Live in Abundance

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High Ticket, Hot Talk: 5 Steps to a Red-Hot Signature Talk that Enrolls Perfect High-End Clients

Do you want to know how to create a signature talk relevant to the audience? Well, this course is for you!

In this course I teach you how to build a talk, that you won’t have to memorize, I teach you how to be a storyteller and have the audience totally relate to you. I teach you how to create an opt-in that converts the audience into high ticket clients.

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