Meet Katia

Leadership and Entrepreneur EXPERT, MOTHER OF 3, ENTREPRENEUR


Katia Ravé is a powerful ultimate female force. She is a leadership trainer, entrepreneur coach, wife, mother of three, savvy businesswoman and entrepreneur, author, podcast host, and overall business leadership powerhouse. Katia empowered thousands of entrepreneurs and professionals across the globe serving as their daily leadership coach, compass , and biggest cheerleader.  

In February 2017, shelaunched her debut to digital platform, and now with WINNING IS NEVER ACCIDENTAL, Katia has the goal of transforming lives. With even more in development, Katia’s company is constantly expanding, and new features and programs are getting released regularly. 

Katia is the founder ofRavé Strategy Studio, The emigrant-female owned and operated companywas started by Katia in an effort to help entrepreneurs to feel empowered and understanding the steps to success. The rapidly growing company focuses on empowering entrepreneurs and professionals to successful money making businesses.

Over the last year, Katia expanded her portfolio of offerings into the leadership space, where Katia coached hundreds through their personal life transformations, using her own proprietary system developed over the last two decades of experience. Her most recent and highly reputed course is titled EAM ( Entrepreneur Academy Mastermind), and it guides clients on one stop shop for every entrepreneur like writing their speech, creating their branding, setting and achieving goals, writing their book, understanding their avatar and message and living the life they always dreamed of.The tagline for WINNING IS NEVER ACCIDENTAL  is “Don’t apologize for winning because others are losing” and that’s exactly what Katia is helping thousands of professionals and entrepreneur do. Through her immense entrepreneurial experiences, living in different countries, 1 divorce, raising 3 beautiful children, being in a 10 out of 10 marriage and transforming lives, she felt her ultimate life purpose was create love, unity, connection, faith , trust and abundance and support others to navigate successful leadership and entrepreneurs their lives and become the best version of themselves. 

Katia wrote three books in which she shares her insights and expertise on leadership, life, and entrepreneurship. She is navigating life with a blended family, and her secrets to balancing it all. Over the past few years, Katia’s brand has grown extensively since she put herself on the other side of leadership and transformation. 

Katia has more than two decades of experience as an entrepreneur. As a coach, mother, and businesswoman, Katia brings a whole new perspective to entrepreneurship and leadership and her level of compassion, supporting others overcome many of business challenges to create effective, long-lasting success. When not traveling, she resides in North Carolina by the beach with her husband. 

Meet Steve Hunt


Steve Hunt is an executive coach and strategic advisor on the Ravé Strategy Studio team. A speaker, advisor, and most of all a teacher, Steve has been entrenched in the world of the highest achievers in business for over three decades. He has coached executives at British Petroleum, Lockheed Martin, the White House, Cisco, Microsoft, and IBM and has assisted more than 400 global organizations in optimizing success in operations and leadership. 

Steve got his start in information technology, rising to the highest levels in the field. He delivered more than 75 keynote speeches in business conferences around the globe. He was inducted into the ISSA Hall of Fame, founded Communities of Excellence, and CSO Magazine presented him with the Industry Visionary Compass Award. He has earned CPP and CISSP certifications.

Over the years, his colleagues noticed that Steve was adept at helping business and technology leaders to become more effective, grow their influence, and reach new heights in leadership. Steve believes that any leader can learn the art of enrolling others in a vision. 

Steve has appeared as an analyst on CNBC, Fox News, CNN, and other news programs. His commentary has appeared in The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Businessweek, and other global publications. He attended Elizabethtown College and was a graduate fellow at the University of Chicago. 

Steve's diverse background lends a fresh perspective on business and society.