How To create a highly successful business as a coach

business owner business success entrepreneurship katia rave Jun 08, 2022



 1- You get to be seen, you get to be on podcasts, on stages ( virtual or live) on social media, and being in giving and generosity. Too many entrepreneurs are hiding behind the computer and in creative mode, and yet expect people to find them just like that. Bring buzz, and don’t be afraid to share your life, people hire people they see. My followers know my values: I am committed to creating a world of love, unity, connection, faith, trust, and abundance. They also see me with my bible, having my quiet time outdoor in the morning. These are things that people want to see.


2-To know your avatar, to understand the pain points of your clients and to remember that being a coach is not becoming a guru, it is evoking the answers within from the clients. Know that your avatar pains evolve and is not always the same…are you surveying your avatar? Are you asking questions? Are you meeting them where they are at?


3-You, get to remember that when we are an entrepreneur in any business that means that we are in sales as well. This is the biggest mistake in our industry. Coaches are amazing at coaching, and they are so good at their trade, but they don’t want to sell. They want only the part they want and that is not entrepreneurship or at least at the beginning. Sale is a huge part of the work. Coaches spend a lot of money on getting leads, but when they have the leads, they don’t know what to do with them.


4-Life and business coaches must put their ego aside and start with knowing that they will eat humility for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This is where we get to remember we are of service. We cater to clients and humility goes a long way in our industry. Too many coaches think they are above and don’t care about their clients.


5-To be successful, business and life coaches must understand time management, and money-generating activities and don’t get distracted. Most coaches work out of home and the lack of discipline is a huge factor in the success or failure. They get distracted and don’t show up for themselves versus if they were working for a company.

Time management is huge in coaching. How do you set your days? When do you coach versus having sales conversations? Your mindset is very different when you are doing one or the other.