Is This A Time To Be Grateful?

cancer gift of love great mariage katia rave leadership mariage power couple steve hunt thrivingpowercouple ukranian wife and husband Feb 25, 2022

Contributor Steve Hunt

Is this a time to be grateful?
I've struggled with gratitude. I mean, what should I say? "I'm grateful I'm not Ukrainian?" "I'm grateful I don't have cancer." People I love are Ukrainian and people I love have cancer. Am I saying I'm grateful I'm not them?
For me, gratitude is a gift in itself. Knowing I can stop my busy day and take a moment to appreciate myself, my wife, my family, the birds, the sunshine -- I am grateful for that.
When I am grateful, I feel appreciation for the present moment. I'm grateful for my sister's strength. I'm grateful for my friend's courage in the face of artillery fire.
My wife sees me as a great man, which, when I'm not feeling that way, is a great gift. Grateful indeed. I'm grateful I have a wonderful marriage. I'm grateful my wife tells me exactly what she thinks. I'm grateful I show up in my marriage as the man I always knew I could be. I'm grateful my wife is wise and strong.
I'm grateful we live near water in a mild climate with birds and trees everywhere. I'm grateful I love my job -- especially now that I work with my wife full time. I'm grateful for my clients -- powerful individuals who each strive to become the person they always wanted to be. I'm grateful for my colleagues, who generously gift me their time, wise words, and advice, and who accept mine with equal openness.
I'm grateful for my sons, who walk boldly on the paths they've each chosen for themselves. I'm grateful for my step-children who inspire me with their resilience and creativity.
I'm writing this mostly for myself. To remember that gratitude gets to be present in every moment. Especially when uncertainty lurks behind every corner.
In gratitude for …
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