Infusing Your Vision In Every Corner Of Your Life

beach house enrollment leadership vision Feb 11, 2022

Having a vision is what drives us, it is the compass to get to our goals, our dreams our aspirations. It is why we get up every day.

Our vision is to uncover our true purpose and to live it with excitement,  passion, and enthusiasm.

My mission every day of my life is to empower people to take steps towards their own visions and dreams with a sense of now, a sense of urgency. I do believe in humanity, I believe that people have the power to fulfill their vision, over and over.

I believe that when you have your vision, you can only march forward. What if you went after your vision like a maniac on a mission.

I know I did….with a beach house.  I declared it on February 7-2021, I was tired to dream about it and look at it as it was fantasy. I did not know then how I could finance it ( I am an entrepreneur) and still, I , went to visit a “perfect house at the beach on February 15, my husband and I made the call on valentine's day last year. We now live full time at the beach, near the ocean isle. I went after that beach house like a maniac on a mission. I enrolled my husband in the idea of how wonderful the beach was ( he loved the trees, mountains, and rivers)

So now what…well vision evolve….and you evolve with your vision. I have the vision to have a pool in that beach house and to finish a suite guest bedroom and bathroom downstairs.

And for that I needed a vision for my business, how will I generate the income and money to get that house? It was important to have a financial vision. What is your financial vision?

Then I wanted to have a vision for my marriage. I wanted a 10/10 marriage and having a house at the beach, enrolling my husband into being at the opposite of the mountains required not only a good marriage but an exceptional marriage, exceptional relationship.

Then I also knew it was going to change my relationship with my kids….so I got to work on that and I continue working on it. 

You see the beach house was the big vision….but everything, every corner of my life needed to have a vision for that to happened…

And we can get stuck here very easily…for some of you, you have been through so much that you don’t have a vision anymore, my invitation is to create a daily vision to start you with.

You see as entrepreneurs we have a tendency to have goals on the business, yet we forget that vision is everywhere, every corner of our life for us to succeed.