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SPEED the Summit!

How to Strategize to Use Time, Money, Mindset, Time Management and Performance
for Driven Entrepreneurs


May 9th- May 20th


Show Me How to Strategize!

Created and Produced by Katia Ravé

Katia Ravé is a powerful ultimate female force. She is a leadership trainer, entrepreneur coach, wife, mother of three, savvy businesswoman and entrepreneur, author, podcast host, and overall business leadership powerhouse. Katia empowered thousands of entrepreneurs and professionals across the globe serving as their daily leadership coach, compass , and biggest cheerleader.  

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Chaitali B. Desai

Success Codes: Working with your Energy & Chakras to create Success in business and life

Amy Gerhartz

Eliminating Self-Sabotage Once and For All

Jaclyn Gallo

The Art of Bouncing Back: How to Embrace Failure & Build Resilience

Josh Perry

How Adversity & Fear Can Be Leveraged To Our Advantage

LaChelle Wieme

Conquering Ways We Hold Ourselves Back In Business

Richard Thieme

The Wisdom of Experience


Jessica Terzakis

Ideas to Income: How to Package Your Expertise for Consistent Monthly Income

Shari Molchan

Unapologetic Success


Put Me in the FAST LANE with You!

Kirstin Gooldy

BEing A Conscious Strategic Leader

Mark Stinson

6 Lessons from Global Creators to Accelerate Your Creativity

Brandon Eastman

How To Build A Transformational Business

Kim Kelley Thompson

The One Idea that Tripled My Income

Lorna Sherland

The Power of Vision and Collapsing Time

Martina Mazdrova

Change Your Words, Transform Your Life


Kimi Evans

How to Shine on Camera & Make an Impact on your Virtual Events


Radha Metro-Midkiff

Utilizing the Ancient Science of Yoga to Enhance Performance in a Modern World

Put Me in the FAST LANE with You!

Deborah Daniel

Turn Your Business into a wealth machine!


Karlene Falco

The WHEALTH Method



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