Are you an Entrepreneur?

Are you in corporate with a career that would take off if you were speaking on stage? Are you a speaker that does not convert the room?

Want to make more money with public speaking?

You see I always say public speaking is networking on steroids!

It is a way to generate an infinite supply of leads and clients AND to be seen as an expert in your field.

Of course, right now there are 2 stages” virtual stage” and "real stage"

In this course, we will dive deep. From storytelling to creating a title for your talk, to the perfect opt-in to convert to how to find speaking gigs online…I cover it all!

Do you want to know how to create a signature talk relevant to the audience?

Well, this course is for you!

There is certain anatomy in creating a HOT signature talk. How good is a signature talk if it does not reflect in your bank account?

What you will learn in this course

In this course I teach you how to build a talk, that you won’t have to memorize, I teach you how to be a storyteller and have the audience totally relate to you. I teach you how to create an opt-in that converts the audience into high-ticket clients. 

In this program, you'll have access to the major steps you need to get speaking gigs and deliver great talks.  You’ll learn not only learn about speaking but how to communicate powerfully as a leader. This is great for your speech yes, AND it had a ripple effect on your family, your business relationships.

By the end of this program, you will learn: How to give a talk, how to get leads through speaking and not just leads, high ticket leads, you will know how to use storytelling to connect and built intimacy with your audience.
We will talk about shifting from a mindset of I am scared to be in front of the audience to I can’t wait to deliver my speech. 

Are you ready to take the microphone and have a concise message to convey? LET’S GO!

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  • 90 days course
  • 12 modules ( 12 videos and homework)
  • 3 hours of private session 1- 1 with one of our coaches

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  • 90 days course
  • 12 modules ( 12 videos and homework)
  • 3 hours of private session 1- 1 with one of our coaches


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