What is Enrollment?

Enrollment is the kind of SALES that helps people see possibilities rather than merely purchase products. And it is the kind of sales that will grow your business enjoyably.

Enrollment happens everywhere in our lives, at work and at home. We get enrolled by our kids for one more story, a glass of water, a candy before dinner. 

Our partners, husband, and wives enroll us in the restaurant of their choice, movie of their choice, the football/baseball/tennis/soccer game they want to want to watch.

Our bosses enroll us into working late for a report that was not asked until the last minute, the CEO enrolls you in a project. Entrepreneurs enroll clients daily into their products and services. 

Enrolling is a way of selling your idea without persuasion. It is selling in a non-salesy way.

The Mastering Enrollment Course

The Mastering Enrollment course is a 4-month course that will support you to understand the anatomy of how to enroll a high-ticket client in your service, or your boss into giving you the promotion that has been passing by you for too long. It is learning the steps of an enrolling conversation and putting it in practice.

Everyone is in sales! So how do we pick up the phone to call a lead, how do we get buy-in from management at work, or simply how do we sell an idea to our team? 

This course is 4 months to understand and know how to sell your products, projects, or big ideas, filled with instructional videos, exercises to build skills at your own pace. During the course you will have the opportunity to enroll high ticket clients, enroll your team into a project or ask corporate leadership to follow your ideas. Sales is scary when you don’t know how to approach it. Why don’t you try it? You will, like our clients after the course, fall in love with it when you see the approach and anatomy we provide for you.

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