Ravé Strategy Studio Featured On Fox News

business owners entrepreneur academy mastermind entrepreneurship foxnews katia rave katiarave larry winget leadership success Feb 07, 2022
After being selected and published as one of the top coaches of her area, Katia Ravé is starting the year strong.
2021 was a year of strong growth.
Katia took 2021 to deep study Leadership under the best of the best Mastering Leadership Trainers.
She was interviewed by #LarryWinget, The Pitbull of Self-Development for her high success in business coaching.
This year she is offering 12 lucky entrepreneurs the opportunity to join her ENTREPRENEUR ACADEMY yearly mastermind. Katia’s goal is to empower driven entrepreneurs to know what is necessary for success, including; business strategies, onboarding clients, creating a speech that converts into high ticket clients, and developing packages/offerings for potential clients. The coup de grace (she is French after all) is a 2-day intensive on leadership, a 2-day intensive on crafting your speech, and a 2-day intensive on how to sell. At the end of the year, mastermind members will be fully set up as entrepreneurs with a concise message, who are actually enrolling clients in your company
This is a well-rounded program that includes everything the entrepreneur needs! Over 70 hours including private time with Katia and her husband, Master Enroller Leadership Coach Steve Hunt, Leadership Executive Coach
The Entrepreneur Academy Mastermind is finally a place where entrepreneurs can put it all together.
Only 12 lucky people are in the program, want to see if you are one of them? Are you driven, want to grow? Want results? Are resilient?
Pm me and I will send you the application...