Money and Miracles and PHD

entrepreneurship leadership money activities money generated activities phd leadership phd program Apr 04, 2022

Last week was such a beautiful week in many ways….

 I was in 3 days of a Ph.D. program on Leadership and oh my gosh what a journey.

I have one more intensive and bi-weekly class for another 6 months and then I graduate.

 I am managing running a 6 figure company and doing this. Why would you ask?

Well, it keeps me growing yes but most importantly it supports all of my clients.

 All the education I get I give it back and I stay aware that learning from the best leaders in the world is where I want to spend my time and money.


One of the missions impossible of these 3 days or I should say a mission possible in 48 hours was to create a workshop and deliver it to at least 25 people AND it could not be anything we did before. I choose faith and money as I see a lot of my clients struggling with money mindset and faith. It was incredible to see the breakthrough the audience was having!!! What a beautiful time.

 The title of the workshop was Money and Miracles: How to Integrate Your Faith and Finances to Break Old Money Mindsets and Live in Abundance

 The biggest lesson I saw is that the people that did not do so well were so paralyzed that they could not advance.

They keep looking at the time and were driven by the time ticking.


I did what I tell all my clients to do: Be in committed actions versus psychological assessment. You see the workshop was less than perfect….but I had attendees that had major breakthroughs AND asked when was I going to launch a money course….that was amazing feedback.

Some workshops were more beautiful than mine in the outline, but never saw the daylight or had attendees….So what good did it do?


As entrepreneurs what are 3 committed actions you can take towards moving the needle forward? What if this week you focused on 3 money-generating activities?


And get ready because the money course is coming live very soon😊