Am I really living this dream?

business coaching businessowner entrepreneurship leadership podcast Feb 04, 2022

It truly is something when you read about others. You find out about their success and their business. It somewhat feels like it only can only happen to others. And when it finally happens to you, you wonder: Am I really living this dream? Is this really happening to me? 

 If you have been following my journey then I am sure you know that the past few years have been somewhat of a roller coaster from growing tremendously in my business to speaking on stages all over the world. Then of course the lows which really hit me were not only losing my grandmother but also not having my parents live closer to me. It is becoming harder to be living in a different continent that is far away from them. 

 I take it one day at a time but I have to say, last week was very bittersweet. I wanted to celebrate my podcast with my parents, the fact that it took a lot of work, lots of intense hours, and much more. 

On the day of my podcast release, I was very excited and jumping around and wanted to call my parents when I realized that they have no idea what a podcast is! So, I thought I would explain it to them when it truly dawned on me that no matter what they still will not truly understand what I talk about which was a hard realization for me. I know they are proud of me, yet they don’t fully understand what it is that I do. 

 The fact that I love my business is what truly keeps me going. I am grateful and humble, and it always keeps me moving forward and wanting to reach higher goals. It keeps me on my toes and at times I look at the vision and the goal and then I have to pivot. 

 Having a business is knowing when it is time to pivot. It keeps me traveling from the South to the far North. I lead an amazing life as I plan around my kid's schedule as well. Some interesting questions I get all the time is “How do I know what to do next?” and “What was that one thing that helped my business grow so quickly and so much?” 

 I pretty much always have the same answer: it’s just been a few simple ideas that I have used over and over again to create massive results. For instance, like traveling around the United States from Fort Lauderdale to Charlotte, New York City and Raleigh, Las Vegas, Charleston, and soon DC!

 My business has grown so fast that sometimes I forget what I’ve already been able to achieve in such a short amount of time from living in my home in Durham, NC.

 It’s actually quite simple and it’s something anyone can do. It has opened doors to truly amazing, mind-blowing, incredible, and heartfelt connections and experiences that I truly treasure. The simple thing for me has been discovering speaking in Las Vegas with the guidance of an amazing speaking coach. 

You literally can speak on stages anywhere at any time. When you get a little bolder then you can also decide to host your own event. When you speak in front of an audience you have a massive impact on your audience, and you have a lot of fun doing it, too by meeting other speakers!

 So guess what - I’ve decided to offer this really cool event so you can discover the same simple path I have used to grow my business from no clients to a few clients, up to as many clients worldwide. It doesn’t matter if you have never spoken before or if you’re just starting out or if you have been in business a while and you want a new challenge.  

I’m going to show you how this can work for you, too, in each step by step in my Mastermind. The best news is that I am starting it in November, so if you want to finish 2019 strong and start 2020 even stronger this is for you! 

It’s called "Get Leads, Clients and Cash Success Mastermind.” I meet entrepreneurs everywhere. If you know you’ve got something good to offer, you want to make more money, you have a bigger impact and you want to travel doing your dream business but you haven’t found that one simple way to make all of that happen.

You end up trying the same things over and over because you see others doing it, and when it doesn’t work, you get tally disappointed and overwhelmed, discouraged and you struggle to pay your bills, you struggle to fill your business with clients. Some of you may even struggle with the idea of giving up altogether. I am living proof, my own clients are the living proof that it can be a lot easier and a lot more fun! 

To reserve one of the 10 spots available, private message me: "I WANT IN to Get Leads, Clients and Cash Success Mastermind". 

There are just 8 available as two have already been grabbed since yesterday and I am in Cleveland sponsoring an event tonight and tomorrow. 

Private message me "I WANT IN to Get Leads, Clients and Cash Success Mastermind" 

I can’t wait to get to know your business!

Ps. If you need an excuse you could always say you need a push before you look at your numbers from the year ... just saying ; )