Katia As A Guest On The "Be Better" Podcast

be better podcast brandon eastman' s entrepreneurship leadership podcast guest Feb 07, 2022
It was great being a guest on the Be Better Broadcast. I KNOW it will be well received by my audience and Brandon's Eastman's audience as well. Generating leads is such a hard thing for a lot of entrepreneurs. 
Why you're not enrolling clients and how to fix it RIGHT AWAY!
You can have the greatest product or service in the world, BUT...
... without a SYSTEM to find leads and enroll new clients, your business is just a hobby!
There's a lot of noise out there regarding sales and lead generation;
What's the best way to generate leads and enroll new clients?
Katia Ravé, owner of the Ravé Strategy Studio helps entrepreneurs enroll more clients and understand sales!
She's here with us to share her TOP ways to attract more clients to YOUR business!
Here is a link to the full conversation on YouTube:
How To Generate Leads For Your Business In 2022 | Katia Ravé & Brandon Eastman. I hope you enjoy it!