From The White House To Ravé Strategy Studio

business coaching business owners enrollment entrepreneurship power couple sales steve hunt white house Feb 11, 2022

We have a new member on our team...

Let me introduce you to STEVE HUNT!!!

 I am so proud to announce that my handsome husband is now an executive coach and strategic advisor full time on the Ravé Strategy Studio team. A speaker, advisor, and most of all a teacher, Steve has been entrenched in the world of the highest achievers in business for over three decades. He has coached executives at British Petroleum, Lockheed Martin, the White House, Cisco, Microsoft, and IBM and has assisted more than 400 global organizations in optimizing success in operations and leadership.


Steve got his start in information technology, rising to the highest levels in the field. He delivered more than 75 keynote speeches in business conferences around the globe. He was inducted into the ISSA Hall of Fame, founded Communities of Excellence, and CSO Magazine presented him with the Industry Visionary Compass Award. He has earned CPP and CISSP certifications.


Over the years, his colleagues noticed that Steve was adept at helping business and technology leaders to become more effective, grow their influence, and reach new heights in leadership. Steve believes that any leader can learn the art of enrolling others in a vision.


Steve has appeared as an analyst on CNBC, Fox News, CNN, and other news programs. His commentary has appeared in The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Businessweek, and other global publications. He attended Elizabethtown College and was a graduate fellow at the University of Chicago.


Steve's diverse background lends a fresh perspective on business and society.

And his strength is executive coaching, teaching enrollment, sales!!

So are you ready for him? His vision is to bring you my amazing followers, webinars, powerful coaching, and content in our blog ( yes we have a blog now) on coaching and sales. He is a master enroller, and will bring you knowledge and tactics to use on "How do you close high ticket sales?" He will bring knowledge and clarity on "what are the steps to move a lead to a client"

 I am so excited and can't wait to announce that he is planning a webinar next week on Sales!!!! But shhhhhhhh it is not official yet. Just pencil him in and mark your calendar on Thursday .....more to come on that.