Sales and Enrollment Webinar this Thursday

enrollemnt entrepreneurship katiarave sales steve hunt webinar Feb 16, 2022

Contributor Steve Hunt


It’s Steve. Katia’s husband. And I’m so excited to share with you my first message as a member of the Rave Strategy Studio team. I really hope you will join me this Thursday, February 17, 2022, as I present a webinar jam-packed with guidance for you to have big breakthroughs in your career and business.

During a long, successful career, I had several side gigs.

  • Estate liquidator  
  • High-tech industry analyst  
  • Leadership development trainer  
  • Executive coach  
  • Sales trainer for entrepreneurs  

And more…

A couple fell flat, but the others were very successful. I want you to start and grow and side gig in the industry of your choice, and to be wildly successful, without stumbling where I did.

That’s why I’m revealing all this Thursday at Noon, in a free webinar. Register HERE 

What’s your passion? Do you want to be a health coach? A part-time executive? An executive coach? A mindfulness coach? A fitness trainer? Anything!

Happy with your current gig and don’t want to take on something new? Just forward this to a friend!

I’ll explain what to do and what not to do. The right steps are in the right order. Creating time in your busy schedule to create freedom in your career. And most importantly, how to get customers so you are not riding the roller coaster of a good month followed by a bad month.

See you Thursday. Register HERE