Magic of Conversations With Katia Ravé and Cathy Brooks

cathy brooks entrepreneurship john mcclain leadership monster sound and picture riversidefm talk unleashed talkshow unleashedtalk whatsyourstory Feb 17, 2022
Contributor Cathy Brooks
A TRUE gift of the work I get to do, is the continued magic of conversations with stupendous humans doing remarkable things in the world l, and busting up old ideas on how those things are done. I've had the distinct pleasure of getting to know over the last 9-10 months. First as one of the coaches in the Leadership course in which I was a student, and now as a colleague in a "continuing education" Business Leadership program.
She is powerful, intense, focused, and enlightened. She's one of those friends upon whom you may always count on no bullshit feedback delivered with intention and love.
When she agreed to join me for an episode of #TalkUnleashed I felt like I got a really great present. When you listen to next week's episode, you'll agree.
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Thanks to the folks at for a truly simple and powerful platform to capture these conversations. And the show would not be possible without the artistry and insight of John McClain at Monster Sound and Picture.