Keynote Speaker and Judge In Rome, Italy at an Entrepreneur Conference

italy katia rave katiarave keynote keynotespeaker leadership public speaking rome Feb 07, 2022

I have been going back and forth for almost a month with an event planner overseas for an event I wanted to be not only the Keynote Speaker but I wanted to be the judge they choose to review the speaker's speeches. 

I really thought this was not going to work out.

How does enrollment take place here? How was I able to enroll them into an amazing vision? It took determination, enrollment skills, and a vision. Leaders are visionaries!

When I least expected, I was chosen to be the Keynote Speaker in Rome, Italy for a huge entrepreneur conference. Decided to take my daughter and had fun for a week there with her. 

Often times the sequences of events develop when you least expect it and may not appear in the form you had initially anticipated. Simply trust that there is a greater plan taking shape in your business. Trust and Surrender are two qualities huge for a leader.