Is 2022 Your Year To Make Those Business Dreams Come True

career entrepreneurship sales sidegig sidehustle Feb 07, 2022

Contributor Steve Hunt.

You've decided it's time to grow your business or to start a side gig. What will be your biggest challenge? Getting leads? Converting them to happy clients? Creating predictable, steady income? I can teach you. Then, once you learn it, you'll know it forever.

For me, becoming an entrepreneur was a journey marked by huge wins and disappointing losses. The biggest obstacle I faced was the income rollercoaster -- a good month followed by a bad month. That unpredictability cost me a marriage, a home, and a ton of self-respect.

That's why, when I finally overcame the rollercoaster effect and was able to predict and control things like finding the right leads, making sales consistent, and creating happy clients, then being an entrepreneur was super satisfying, leading me to a home at the beach and a wonderful marriage.

You can be an entrepreneur with a steady income, without tricks or gimmicks. You don't even need a website or fancy social media presence. You just stick to the basics and do them in the right order and with the right technique. 2022 your year to make those dreams come true?

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