How I put it all behind me

leadership leadership course steve hunt tree removal winning is never accidental Apr 28, 2022

Contributor: Steve Hunt

A contractor’s trailer came loose and smashed my new car yesterday. The young man driving was distraught and feared losing his job. He even started crying.


I remembered being in his place. When I was his age, I tore up some fresh landscaping for a customer. I was so embarrassed. 


Thinking back now, I can recreate those feelings. So it struck me that everything is behind me now. And that’s how I can choose to live. 


I mean, everything is in the past. Existing only for me to have learned lessons. Lessons I can carry into the future as wisdom. 


Rather than continually beating myself up over past mistakes, I can say Everything is behind me, and step boldly, like a leader, into the future.


Leadership of this type is the stuff that makes me great. It pulls me forward into powerful versions of myself, of ourselves. It invites people around us to jump on board and join us to create something wonderful. At work. At home.


I look for resources to support my continual journey toward leadership excellence. Do you?


My wife, Katia, is a profound leader who teaches leadership around the world, and whose leadership causes me to grow every day. She captured some of her wisdom in a series of leadership lessons on video.


Please look at your life and ask yourself if you believe you have more inside waiting to come out. Ask yourself if you see a greater version of yourself stepping into leadership in some area of your life. To get that new job, bigger bank account, better marriage, new life, etc.


If so, then grab your chance to get these leadership lessons in her new video course, Winning is Never Accidental. For a few more days, the price is exceptionally low. So jump on it.


Everything is behind you. All the mistakes, smashed cars, and haunting memories. So now, they can be the source of your leadership transformation at work and at home. Today.


To all the success you are willing to work for,