How Do You Grow With Your Business?

branding business business coaching growyourbusiness Feb 04, 2022

As businesses grow and become more clear and get more experience and learn more about themselves and their values, these businesses have to evolve!

Let me announce that my business has grown so much over the past 8 months, with growing my business has to evolve!

And by my business evolving, I realized that many people who are following me on social media and on my email roaster are wonderful people, and I really appreciate you, but ask yourself this question: Why are you following me? Can you learn from my posts? Are we a good fit in our values, are we a good circle of influence for each other? When you read my post are you inspired? Are you a potential client? If not why take space into each other's space?


And it would not be smart as a business coach for me to advise you to work with people who cant afford to pay you, who don’t know where they are in their own business to even move to the next level of business. I could not be a good coach to you telling you to do that….so I have to tell it to myself.

My ideal client as changed… And that is Ok…most coaches, speakers, and entrepreneurs stay stuck in their brand, stuck in their ideal client. You have to evolve with the business!

So who is my perfect client now? ...and after reading this, if you don’t understand if you are an ideal customer or not, then you are not an ideal client for me, and you probably won't get much of my posts.

So who is my market, and how did these changes occur? how did I get there?

Well, that is what I want to help my client do, I want to help them maximize profits and find the kind of clarity that way they are only dealing with people who have money and fit who their target market is.

I don’t want to just talk the talk, I have to be an example of my own teachings! I walk the walk, and I want to be my own example.

 And truly I want YOU to disqualify yourself…from doing business with me.


Well, I want you to earn the right to do business with me, and trust me that means I will do better for you because we will be a better fit.

So how do we disqualify leads, well a good place to start is dont accept every single invitation people send you. then have a questionnaire with questions before people get on a call with you! ( I included mine as a sample below to help you)

Yes, I agree that it will reflect in fewer calls, but trust me: more quality leads.

For me, I know that if you make less than 50000 a year you are not a good fit, and we are both wasting our time.

As an entrepreneur, you are going to be cluttered up in your life and your business and in your head which is the worst place to get cluttered up with all these people who are not your ideal client.

Most coaches, speakers, thought leaders, and small business owners make that mistake, they got their message right, they are clear about who they are and what they want to do, but their messaging is still for everybody. Trust me you got to fix that.

So who is my ideal client? I help coaches, thought leaders, influencers, and speakers to generate leads, maximize profit, and be seen on stages with a speech that converts into money in the bank.

With all that let me introduce you to my new LOGO, and my new branding..