Do you have a vision or an idea for a business?

entrepreneurship idea for business successful business vision Mar 09, 2022


Do you have a vision or an idea for a business, but you just don’t know what the next steps are?  Do you not want to treat your business as a hobby anymore?  Do you want to achieve something meaningful? Are you ready to make your vision a reality? Give yourself permission to dream big with endless possibilities.   


Many entrepreneurs have a great vision for where they want to take their business. Every successful business begins with an idea, then continues to develop before morphing into a successful venture. Crafting a successful startup requires more than just dreaming it demands effort, commitment, and a lot of hard work. 


Starting a small business does not come with a set of instructions.  But, there are steps you can take that will help you turn a great idea into a business plan. I have included my Annual Business Goals – Visioning and Planning Worksheet that will give you a general idea and help you with starting your own business. There are 5 sections in the worksheet which includes:


  • Part 1: Set the Stage - Focuses on where you want your business to be in 10 years, what you want for your business but you don’t have yet, what you have in your business but you don’t want and what are your main priorities.  
  • Part 2: Set your Goals - These goals should be completed one year from the time you start the worksheet. 
  • Part 3: Preparing for Success - Answer questions about success accelerators and obstacles that you may come across 
  • Part 4: Taking Action - What ONE thing will you do to get started on a particular goal within the next month 
  • Part 5: Support & Commitment - Who can you turn to? Who are your supporters? How can they support you in your business venture?


I’m sure you have experienced an interaction where you have heard people claim they will reach their goals “one day.” Maybe you are saying that to yourself right now – “One day I will have a successful business doing something I am passionate about” or “One day I will leave my 9-5 job so that I can have the freedom to run my own business from wherever I am in the world.”  Make that one day – TODAY! If you can’t shake off that feeling in your bones that this business is something you really need to take a leap of faith on, then what are you waiting for? 


Taking action is the essential key to success!  With that said, I challenge you to ‘TAKE ACTION’ today by booking a FREE Clarity To Cash Session:

FREE CLARITY TO CASH SESSION  We will go over your plan and what are the next steps you can take to start your business. You will be glad you took that first step to book a complimentary session with me. I am ready to guide you on your new and exciting business journey!