3 Pillars to Mastering Sales In Entrepreneurship

authenticity enrollment sales sales conversion sales intensive Mar 14, 2022

Over 30000 dollars in sponsorships, over 10000 in Networking associations, women's associations, and speaking on stage to get leads.

I remember how excited I was to be on stages with ICONS and knowing I was going to get leads.....

 Return on investments from all of these...NOTHING!!!!!

I was devastated, yes I had mastered how to get leads but did not know how to convert them into clients

I was spending so much money on getting leads and was so excited when they would make it to my list.

Spending a lot of money yes and time on getting leads...


If you don't know me, I went in 5 years from making 0 to multiple 6 figures now. And I hired my husband full-time to work in one of the divisions of my company. I am a business and leadership coach that helps entrepreneur grow their business, make more money and understand what strategies to use at the right time.

 I realize that mastering sales, mastering enrollment was something that was holding back most of my clients. They paid me to get a signature talk, get leads, and strategize about the business but then then THEN...CRICKETS...

Pillar number 1- How to start a conversation.....

 First, Look at the part- be dressed and look put together , be professional

Always ask how are you today. Remember you are having a conversation with another human!!! Don't forget that.

1-Go into asking them where they meet you, it gives you an idea of what they know about you.

2-Then the most important part is YOU tell people on the call what will the call look like in a non-threatening way. In my experience as in our program mastering enrollment ( our sales intensive program we make clients call prospects that way we hear and can give real feedback on the go) and what I see is so much an agenda that most of you sound stressed, and cold, and detached.

In Mastery enrollment we teach you that a sales call is intimacy, it is kindness and generosity.

What does that mean to let people know what the call looks like? It means you are taking authority ( in a gentle way ) and you are guiding the call.


I tell my lead, how long this call will be ( and I will respect that no matter what, because I am conscious of the time) I also will let them know I will make an offer for them to work with me ....and some of the questions I will ask them. They know exactly what this call is about. They know from the get-go this is not a let's get to know each other call. How many of you have gotten on a call thinking it was a sales call to discover the other person wanted to sell you something......

I also tell them I will take notes. ( this differentiate you and they look at you as an expert)

Pillar number 2- How to conquer your fear of asking for money.

 Be clear and concise about your message, and DO NOT COACH!!!!!!

Conquer your fear by knowing that you are there to serve. And listen, listen, listen

Pillar number 3- Turn conversations into cash

Ask permission all along.

After you tell them how the call will be in pillar 1- Ask permission ....Does this sound good? Does that seem ok? Is that fair?

Then before you share your offer, say something like "if you don't mind I will share with you how I can support you", or "I will share with you that I can help you get there".

DO NOT USE THE WORD PROGRAM!!!!! They want to feel special, they don't want to feel like a cow in a factory. The word program makes people feel that way. Tell them you have the solution to their problem.

TAKE NOTES and reuse their words. Know what they want to achieve in their vocabulary.

In mastery enrollment, we give our clients a template with a place for them to take notes.

Then at the end, when you conduct your offer. Make it about them and their pain point and remember that it is not about you!!

 In Mastering enrollment we take you for 4 months on a journey where you will not only master sales but where you make calls and debrief with us.

We lead you into understanding how to ground first, how to have your message, what to sell, and who is your avatar that way you are catering to people that can actually buy from you. Most sales incentive courses will teach you, but not many will look at your funnel, your money mountain what you are selling, and not many will do it with you to tell where you can improve. In that course, we also talk about personalities as you know.....we all have a different way of showing up and receiving information.

 If you want to know more about this 4 month journey to finally closing high ticket client schedule here a time to talk with me!