29 Years In The U.S.A Today

business coaching entrepreneurship leadership love opportunities rodolphe rave sylvain melloul usa work Feb 07, 2022
February 5, 1993, I had just landed in Washington Dulles airport after a long flight. On the plane, the last of the Mohican was playing on the flight….

Visage Express, Connecticut avenue, and a friendship with 18 others that is still so strong today!

29 years ago! I left everything I knew, my family my parents, my friends, and my baby brother Rodolphe Ravé, without speaking English, and came to work for Sylvain Melloul. What a journey!

Thank you for the opportunity! Thank you for choosing me! The amount of gratefulness for my 29 years voyage is incomparable!

29 years to build what is my beautiful empire today: my marriage with an incredible man, my best friend, my partner, Steve Hunt, my 3 beautiful children, a home at the beach, 3 books published, and a business that is thriving with clients that I love.
Amazing friends

Can’t wait to see what comes my way in the next 29 years!